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Selby's writing style really gives the reader a sense of place too.

It is rugged like the land in which the story is set. This is especially evident in the use of language and voice for the characters. One prime example is in subject-verb agreement where the words "was" and "were" are used in grammatically incorrect ways. Selby also gives the region it's own vocabulary with words like "keep" for spouse, "duts" for kids, and "rope" for family lineage. All of this combines to solidify the feeling of place he gives to the narrative, strengthening the impact the events of the narrative have on the mind and heart of the reader.

And speaking of characters Teyr Amondsen is fantastic. She's strong, resilient, smart, successful and no pushover. A great fighter who is a little past her prime, but still a force to be reckoned with. But she's by no means a Mary-Sue.

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Lots of really bad stuff happens to her and she suffers, and the reader suffers with and through her. She perseveres however in spite of it all because she has one strong motivation She's able to keep coming back not because of her skills and fighting ability which are both great , but because she is helped a lot along the way by others, and because of what may be her most defining quality, an unyielding refusal to give up in the face of defeat.

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Then there's the story itself, the thing that draws a reader in and captures the mind. The Winter Road is many things. It's a story of purpose, telling of Teyr Amondsen's desire to build a road connecting her homeland to itself, an attempt to unify a fractured people. It's a story of revenge, telling of Teyr's need to exact vengeance on those who hurt and wronged her, her loved ones, and her people.

It's a story full of intense action scenes - gritty, hard, and gripping - where you are caught up in the harsh realities of combat with sword and spear and bow, and death comes quick, and brutal, and easy. It's a story about hurt and loss that the reader sees coming in the distance that one can't fully prepare for. It's a story about the void such hurt and loss leaves within us and the distance it puts between us that no amount of time can fully heal. And it's a story of origins, about the true story of how things came to be, though you don't know it at first.

I'm still processing this book. It has the stabby-stabby and it has the feels. Many of the things I liked about it will put others off. There are elements of its style and presentation I know some readers won't like. They were done with a purpose though and Selby succeeds in accomplishing what he set out to do. It isn't often I can clearly see what's coming in a story and have it impact me the way this one did. Because truth be told I only saw a part of what was coming.

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It's like Selby feinted with his left which was still a straight shot to the face, but then when my head snapped back down and I raised my arms to block the next punch he hit me with a blow to the stomach which sent me to my knees. Then he left me there struggling to catch my breath, allowing me to contemplate all of what just happened, and as I got back to my feet still a little wobbly he was gone, having left me with not a lesson but a gift I really did. Thing is I'm not even sure why I bought it at all. I've tried reading an excerpt from Orbit several times but couldn't get through it at all.

But I saw some promising reviews and wanted to give it a proper chance. It does have a promising plot and worldbuilding, and Teyr is a really well written character, I really liked her. BUT the writing. I didn't like it at all. It's the kind of writ 2,5 stars I'm not having the greatest start of the year with my books I wanted to like this book.

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It's the kind of writing you'll either really like or really dislike I think. It's two different timelines, which are pretty close to each other just one year apart which made stuff bit confusing. It also mixed using present tense for current timeline and past tense for the "past" timeline. It's written in first person point of view. The writing style and the two timelines made it really hard for me to connect with the plot. Dec 14, Steffan rated it really liked it. Teyr Amondson may be one of the best developed characters I've ever read about.

Gritty, raw, compelling, and emotionally powerful book. I have read other reviews comparing this author to Joe Abercrombie, John Gwynne and frankly that is one reason I chose to read this work and it is well deserved. An emotionally powerful, epic tale of an incredible woman with an indomitable will, spirit and clarity of mind.


The book is a complete saga of incredible magnitude and powerful impact that will not be forgotten. I am a fan, Adrian Selby, incredibly well written, well done. I look f Gritty, raw, compelling, and emotionally powerful book. I look forward to reading more of your work asap. Thank you. Nov 01, Dustin marked it as to-read Recommended to Dustin by: Drew. Shelves: epic , fantasy , war. Drew wrote a fantastic review. Check it out if you're into epic, war-torn fantasy!

Feb 11, Mili rated it liked it Shelves: own-the-book. I started seeing this book on Insta and Twitter a lot. I like when a story is character driven and don't mind a single POV. And I think the last impressive review I saw was from Holly. And then Polarthon came along which was a winter themed readathon and it fit so well! I ended up giving this book a 3.

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What I loved was the main character Teyr, her thoughts, her being and her connection with her partner and stepchild. It was so touching and beautiful, she is a hardened warrior and still full of emotion and love to give. Plenty of crying and I loved loads of moments were dedicated to showing emotion. Awesome and I love nature so nice touch! And you have the Oskoro folk who are these odd people in the woods.

They have amazing knowledge about brews and herbs. And see more than a normal human can. They are part of nature and have plants growing out of them.

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When you start the book you kinda need to get used to the writing, when I got over that I had trouble with all the names. It is written from Teyr her view, so single POV with a now and then timeline. I couldn't connect with the different clans and their names and inbetween connections and dislikes etc. It pushed me out of the story. At the end there is a twist of revenge and I totally disconnected at that point, just couldn't care less.

Even though I had a few struggles along the way. So at the end again people I couldn't care less about and I tried to get pulled back in but nah. And then it was one on one again and that's when I got back into the story. It ended with letters as well and they were sentimental and nice to read. So I had some good ups and some bad lows.

And it has to do how I as a person digest the read. It didn't entirely fit me. But the parts that were about Aude and Teyr were beautiful. Nov 16, James rated it really liked it. I noticed the author wrote another novel. Is this novel related to Snakewood? It is set in the same world but takes place hundreds of years earlier.

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It explains the origins of a prominent organization that is a key part of Snakewood. You can easily read The Winter Road with no knowledge of his first book. I am sure that many readers will find the book a easier entry point to his works and world. Is this book better then Snakewood? It is more polished and more accessible. Most people would say The W I noticed the author wrote another novel. His first book was so unconventional and different.