What is Homeopathy? (Homeopathy in Thought & Action)

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Some homeopathic remedies may contain substances that are not safe, or that interfere with the action of other medicines. You should talk to your GP before stopping any treatment prescribed by a doctor or avoiding procedures such as vaccination in favour of homeopathy. There have been several reviews of the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy.

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There is no evidence for the idea that substances that can induce certain symptoms can also help to treat them. There is no evidence for the idea that diluting and shaking substances in water can turn those substances into medicines.


The ideas that underpin homeopathy are not accepted by mainstream science, and are not consistent with long-accepted principles on the way that the physical world works. It is of note, for example, that many homeopathic remedies are diluted to such an extent that there is unlikely to be a single molecule of the original substance remaining in the final remedy.

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In cases such as these, homeopathic remedies consist of nothing but water. Some homeopaths believe that, due to the succussion process, the original substance leaves an "imprint" of itself on the water.

Homeopathic medicine for insomnia? explain!

But there is no known mechanism by which this can occur. The report said: "We consider the notion that ultra-dilutions can maintain an imprint of substances previously dissolved in them to be scientifically implausible.

The genesis of homeopathy

Some people who use homeopathy may see an improvement in their health condition due to a phenomenon known as the placebo effect. If you choose health treatments that provide only a placebo effect, you may miss out on other treatments that have been proven to be more effective.


Home Tests and treatments Medicines and medical aids Complementary medicine Homeopathy. Introduction Homeopathy is a 'treatment' based on the use of highly diluted substances, which practitioners claim can cause the body to heal itself.

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  • What is homeopathy?.

This page covers: What is homeopathy? Does it work? Is it available on the NHS? What should I expect if I try it?

The Thought Behind the Action - What is it for?

When is it used? What are the regulation issues? Is it safe? What can we conclude from the evidence? What is homeopathy?


It is available on the NHS? Among the most common conditions that people seek homeopathic treatment for are: asthma ear infections hay fever mental health conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety allergies, such as food allergies dermatitis an allergic skin condition arthritis high blood pressure There is no good-quality evidence that homeopathy is an effective treatment for these or any other health conditions. Share Tweet Print. Source: NHS Neither the McBooklets nor this site could exist without her help.

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Vinton McCabe believes in homeopathy, in homeopathic medicine, in holistic treatments, in holistic medicine and, especially in defining homeopathy. He uses acute treatments, constitutional treatments, miasmic treatments.

He believes in miasms, in miasma, in psora and the psoric miasm. He abhors allopathic medicine, but appreciates acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic Medicine. He as visited a naturopath, supports naturopathy and has seen an Osteopath, in that he likes Osteopathy. He reads the Organon of Medicine quite often. Aphorisms are his friends.

Holistic is also spelled wholistic.