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Champion was too afraid to say another word. The fairy closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and calmed herself before continuing their discussion. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. By David Canfield. Close Share options. Close View image. And so it came to pass that, at midnight, a large band of jackals wandered into the cemetery.

They could smell a feast of human flesh waiting for them. Seeing them coming, King Goodness and his ministers shouted all at once and scared the jackals away. Twice more this happened. Then the clever jackals realised, "These men must have been put here for us to kill and eat. The jackal king walked right up to the face of King Goodness. The king offered his throat to the beast. No harming him, King Goodness gripped him tightly so the jackal king howled in fear.

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This frightened his followers and they all ran away. Meanwhile the jackal king thrashed back and forth, trying madly to free himself from the might jaws of the human king.

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Then King Goodness released the screaming jackal. He was able to wiggle himself free from the loosened earth and pull himself up onto the ground.


Then he freed all his frightened ministers. Nearby there was a dead body. It just so happened that it was lying on the border of the territories claimed by two rival demons. They were arguing over the division of the body, insulting each other in ways that only demons can. Then one demon said to the other, "Why should we continue quarrelling instead of eating? Right over there is King Goodness the Great of Benares.

He is famous in all worlds for his righteousness. He will divide the dead body for us.

They dragged the body to the king and asked him to divide it between them fairly. But I am filthy and dirty, I must clean myself first. He bathed, perfumed himself, dressed, and covered himself with ornaments and flower garlands. The demons asked King Goodness if there was anything else they could do. He replied that he was hungry. When he was satisfied, king Goodness asked them to bring him the sword of state from the pillow of the King of Kosala, who was sleeping in the palace in Benares.

With magic that too was easily done.

Then the king used the sword to cut the dead boy into two halves, right down the spine. He washed the sword of state and strapped it to his side. The hungry demons happily gobbled up the fairly divided dead body.

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Then they gratefully said to King Goodness, "Now that our bellies are full, is there anything else we can do to please you? He replied, "By your magic, set me in my own bedroom in the palace next to the King of Kosala. In addition, put all these my ministers back in their homes. At that moment the King of Kosala was fast asleep in the royal bedchamber. King Goodness the Great gently touched the belly of the sleeping king with the sword of state. The king awoke in great surprise.

In the dim lamplight he was frightened to see King Goodness leaning over him with sword in hand. He had to rub his eyes to make sure he was not having a nightmare!

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Then he asked the great king, "My lord how did you come here in spite of all my guards? King Goodness told him the story of his escape from the band of jackals. He told of the two demons that came to him to settle their quarrel. And he told how they gratefully helped him with their magic powers.

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On hearing this, the King of Kosala was overcome by his own shame. And I promise to serve you forever as the truest of friends. Please forgive me, great king. The next day the King of Kosala called all his soldiers into the palace courtyard. Chryssoula Filippakopoulos has seen, and somehow endured, my worst days. On other days, she has barely seen me at all, because I am hopelessly work-obsessed. One fine day, we were travelling to New York, via Toronto, and the first flight departed at 6 a. At that obscene hour, this inveterate night owl is an especially disastrous creature — an unshaven, sleep-deprived, slovenly mess.

That was certainly the appraisal of one customs officer as we prepared to enter the United States of America. He had a lovely interaction with the always-sunny Chryssoula before turning his attention to yours truly. Dutifully, the customs agent processed the paperwork for Chryssoula and returned her passport, whereupon he waved her though.

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She smiled, brilliantly, and thanked him. Since we first met, nearly 25 years ago, I have been trying to identify one flaw with the beauteous Chryssoula. She does like sports — and thank goodness for that.

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Our paths first crossed at a hockey game Our first conversation was at a baseball game Our first date preceded a Moose Jaw Warriors playoff contest She is such a phenomenal sports fan that I can give her a Joey Walters jersey for Christmas and know that it is the perfect present for the perfect person.

Or, I can suggest a Regina Pats game as a date and know that it will be a mutually enjoyable experience. She forgives the fact that I never, ever want to be shown on the Kiss-Cam, which is always the impetus for a well-timed bathroom or popcorn break.