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Park along the road and follow the short dirt path downhill. For a bit of scenic serenity, dodge the roving peacocks near the entrance and head straight to the lily ponds, formally known as the Aquatic Gardens, on Tallac Knoll.

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Up here, you feel above it all. There are little ponds fringed with grasses, floating water lilies and benches beneath tree canopies that provide cool cover. Look north for a good view of the San Gabriel Mountains. Baldwin Ave. Lacy Park , San Marino. Searching for a secret garden?

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Lacy Park, set on 30 acres in a residential neighborhood, fits the bill. Albans Road. Two benches at the entrance to the garden are partly shaded by trees, perfect spots to sit quietly and maybe even, yes, smell the roses some were blooming when I visited on a scorching summer afternoon.

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Times columnist Steve Lopez took the city to task for more than a decade ago. Info : Virginia Road, San Marino; bit. Churches are supposed to be quiet, but L. At the right time — late afternoon on a midweek day — you can find fewer crowds and some soothing spots to escape the clatter of downtown. At the far side of the courtyard, the glass wall decorated with etched angels floating above the freeway seems almost soundproof, reducing the traffic below to white noise.

Take time to go inside the impressive cathedral, built to hold 3, people. At those quiet times of the day, you may have it all to yourself.

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Admission is free; donations accepted. Temple St. The 9-byfoot building, originally built in Kyoto, Japan, and occasionally open for tea demonstrations, is the centerpiece of the classic garden fringed with Japanese maples, black pines, azaleas and a brook that runs down the hill.

From here, you can look down on the more expansive Japanese Garden, where gingko trees flame with gold in late November.

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Info : Oxford Road, San Marino; huntington. Start in the ancient forest which despite its name, debuted in where a carpet-quiet path winds past cycads, some of the oldest plants on the planet, and redwood trees. On a hill above, benches overlook a grove of native oak trees not far from the house of former owner and newspaper publisher E. Manchester Boddy.

The Japanese Garden , Van Nuys. The Japanese Garden, a. On one side is a pond with lotus and water lilies; in the center, a floating bridge where double-crested cormorants and egrets gather as fat koi swim below. Info : Woodley Ave. Mildred E.

Should you ever need to jump off the Freeway for a little quiet time, this garden is an easy exit away. There are a bunch of little gardens in this terraced hill with a stream: an ancient forest, desert plants, a stand of palms and showy plants native to Hawaii. In a car you're always in a compartment, and because you're used to it you don't realize that through that car window everything you see is just more TV.

You're a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame. On a cycle the frame is gone. You're completely in contact with it all.

You're in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming. That concrete whizzing by five inches below your foot is the real thing, the same stuff you walk on, it's right there, so blurred you can't focus on it, yet you can put your foot down and touch it anytime, and the whole thing, the whole experience, is never removed from immediate consciousness View My Garage. This is one of those never ending discussions.

I ain't falling for something as subjective as this. I like driving my car and it doesn't make a diff what others feel about it.

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To each his own. Hey, riding a bike here in India isn't all that exciting, considering it is the way most of the population goes around. These Americans are so much car-oriented that any experience on a bike seems like nirvana to them. Actually, having graduated from a bike to a small car to a big car, I'd say that on the whole the driving experience in a car is anyday better than on a bike. Riding a bike as your only mode of transport takes away any fun. If the roads are good and in moderate traffic, there is nothing to beat a bike.

But for everyday travel, I prefer a car. Any day. IMHo, if this was even the US, it would have to be a car. Even though I like biking and the wind through my hair. You feel at one with the machine when you are on a motorcycle, but at the end of the day, I am spoiled for creature comforts - something that is tough to get on a bike. I have read the book, and though the account seems romantic and stimulating, I cannot do it In India, its hard to choose really, as both, driving and riding on our highways is not always a pleasure, what with diesel fumes, dust and grime, blinding headlights and the grim reaper sitting on your shoulder during overtaking.

Unfortunatly I have not gone for any really long rides in India yet, so will comment after a long trip I plan on doing after the monsoons. However, if this were abroad, it would have to be a bike. I've done 15 hour trips without a hitch and was always sad the trip was over. Its a pleasure riding a fast motorcycle on great roads in great weather. Nothing comes close to that feeling.

No, probably not even a drive down those same roads in a turbo although i'd be willing to try if anyone gave me a chance. Steer, u r riding experiences are scary. The canyon is rumored to be populated by ghosts, satanic zombies and assorted murderers, but that seems a small price to pay to swing your sweet chariot low through such flowery meadows and shrub-shrouded hillsides.

Pacific Coast Highway PCH would be on this list for its ocean views alone, and its curves are what make it damn fun to drive.

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But it also allows you to reflect on certain examples of L. If you had all the money in the world, what else would you do? Virginia Road Attempt to drive from Alhambra or San Gabriel into basically any part of Pasadena, and you'll find yourself heading due north along any number of tree-shrouded streets that cross through the rolling hills of San Marino, a city full of wide, quiet thoroughfares lined with vast estates.

Instead of taking the more direct routes, such as Los Robles and Oak Knoll both of which are often plagued by stop-sign backup , try the locals-only back road of Virginia, which requires a few twists and turns to stay on but takes you through shady glens that feel worlds away from L.

From Huntington Drive, Virginia Road goes around Lacey Park, winds right under a mossy bridge and past opulent acred homes with Greek statue guardians before connecting with Oak Grove, where rumor has it Old Hollywood used to live in European-style elegance.

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A block up the way and Oak Grove spits you out at the tip of South Lake, where you'll drive forth into Pasadena with a re-energized sense of zen. Valley Boulevard is longer. Soto Street has more punk-rock history. But humble, industrial Monterey Pass Road is important in its own way.

It works as a vital shortcut from East L. Riverside Drive in Burbank When the through Burbank is jammed and it usually is , a leisurely detour along the residential stretch of Riverside Drive that runs between Victory Boulevard and Disney Studios is one of our favorite ways to cheat the traffic gods. Lined with trees, bike paths and modest but well-maintained midcentury homes, the street curves past the Los Angeles Equestrian Center — and yes, horseback riding on side streets and in the bike paths is permitted, so keep an eye out for riders.