Loyalty Unplugged:How to Get, Keep & Grow All Four Generations

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It drives us outside of our comfort zone to help us grow. A: Entertainment flows the opposite direction of play. It comes from the outside in. Further, the more entertainment is interactive, the more the lines are blurred between entertainment and play.

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A: My favorite toy of all time is Barbie. And the most innovative Barbie dolls are the ones that I like the most. A: Girls, especially, are irresistibly drawn to nurturing play—whether a baby doll or a pet. A: Our behaviors change but the drive behind them stays the same, so instead of Chutes and Ladders or Candyland, now we play with X Box or Minecraft. Now, kids and millennials have a wide range of toys and they see play as digital or physical.

Plus, they have an expectation that we can personalize our play experiences. Customization and interactivity are the big things. A: We find that you need an aspirational lead character that is also relatable. The real life Princess Diana illustrates this. She was actually a princess, she was beautiful AND she had flaws. Having a weakness makes us love characters more. Think of Superman and kryptonite. A: 3D printing will have a big impact on the toy industry….. The Internet of Things will have powers we never realized. Imagine a new 3D view master with augmented reality or having Siri-like interaction with dolls?

Or learning how a child is using a toy and then suggesting what else they may like based on sensors in the toy itself, sending back data to headquarters that is meaningful. A: It was my microscope. I loved it.

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I still remember what my hair looked like under the microscope. Today, the social network has over one billion registered users that connect and share information on a global scale. It has now transformed into one of the fastest and most viral opportunities to communicate breaking news and information. Social media is becoming more than just a place for people to connect. A survey conducted by the American Press Institute measured the use of several social networks as pathways to news-like information.

Interestingly, they found that each social network is now considered a news platforms my proper definition. Eighty-eight percent of Millennials surveyed stated that they occasionally got their news from Facebook, while Pinterest 36 percent and Twitter 33 percent were close to follow. The fact that more Millennials are looking to social networks as a trusted source of information makes social media an extremely powerful tool. In addition to being a resource for news and information, social media has also exposed Millennials to different opinions and views.

Loyalty Unplugged

This generation is constantly looking to social media for insights into purchasing decisions, political views, and social views. Goldman Sachs Data Story on Millennials found that 34 percent of people aged turn to their online networks when making purchasing decisions. Unsurprisingly, this generation tends to do more online shopping than in the store, and brands that have little-to-no social presence are often overlooked when making purchasing decisions.

President Barack Obama is one of the first presidents to have an active social media presence, in which he uses Twitter to inform and connect with his supporters. Snapchat is a social platform that has seen a fast growth among the younger audiences, 71 percent of its core user base being between Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, recently joined the social messaging app in a move to reach this audience, those who will potentially be voting for the first time in the elections. Most recently, we have seen social media set the stage for social activism.

Many Millennials are now looking at social networks as a way to raise awareness of philanthropic efforts and initiatives, because they can reach a larger audience, at a faster rate. The lack of media reporting on these issues in Gaza was quickly noticed, and the hashtag LetAymanReport was developed to alert the world of the situation. Within hours, Mohyeldin was back in Gaza and continued reporting on the whole story. Millennials have the ability to voice their concerns and opinions like no generation has before them and social networks give them the power to do so.

Also notable is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge , which took to social media to raise awareness around amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive disease marked by degeneration of the nerve cells that control voluntary movement. It was so successful that the ALS Association has partnered with major organizations, like Major League Baseball , to implement the challenge every August until a cure is found.

Social networks give them a platform to connect, learn, share, and educate. Their affinity for technology and their passion to have a voice has reshaped the way they view and use social media. In a time where you can Tweet, share a status update, Instagram, Vine, or Snap thousands of people at any moment, the Millennial voice is more important and impactful than ever.

All of this in place of actual volunteer work or donations.

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However, our generation is far more complex than a simple retweet in support of X cause. I debate this purely because of my own efforts to make a change. Last semester, I started an after-school journalism program in a charter school in Syracuse, New York. Nine other journalism majors and I would leave class and walk to the school to teach high school students newswriting and inspire a love of storytelling.

I am continuing the initiative this fall. I know though that I am not the only Millennial out there trying to make a difference. In fact, there are numbers to prove it. We are recognized for volunteering in torrents for organizations like Teach for America and for donating to charities at a higher rate 87 percent than our elders.

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Still, there is more to the story than just quantitative analyses. Christiana Pascale explained the need for Millennials to have a connection to the cause prior to getting involved. Pascale says that, by remaining involved in the cause, she gets to give back to a cause she supports and remain involved with her alma mater.

College is a notable time for Millennials to become invested in causes and develop the roots for continued involvement postgrad. However, the ability for Millennials to remain active and volunteer for causes they are interested in becomes limited when they enter the working world. Therefore, many turn to online donations as opposed to in-person volunteering efforts to offer support. Lauren Barbiero explained that on-site volunteering often takes up too much time compared to financially supporting the cause online with a few simple clicks.

Digital tools such as websites and social media channels are advancing the ways in which Millennials are donating and becoming involved in charities. By entering a code into iMessage and hitting send, Millennials are able to donate and support causes from their iPhones. Organizations are active across social media platforms to spread their messages across younger demographics. Blog Subscribe for updates:. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Single Issue Magazine. Popular Science. Newsweek Specials. Draft Engine Fantasy Football Read more. Product details Paperback: pages Publisher: Xlibris, Corp.

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This will give you a really good understanding of the 4 generations that we currently have in the workforce. I don't consider this a negative review but the book doesn't live up to expectations. That statement has been taken from life and the paradox is entirely in line with reality. According to the Dutch Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau, satisfaction with life has remained stable over the past ten years and the corresponding score is 7.

At the same time, more than one million people are treated annually for mental illness in the Netherlands GGZ.