Legacies of the Asia-Pacific War: The Yakeato Generation (Routledge Contemporary Japan Series)

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Why We Fight? World War II: The Asia Pacific Front

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Should I pay a subscription fee to qualify for free shipping? What are the terms of the Free Shipping Program? Can I use the Free Shipping Program without limitation? Rate this product:. Drawing together leading scholarly voices, the book focuses on the systemic issue of institutionalising human rights protection in the Asia-Pacific. The volume also analyses the impediments to new institutions, whilst questioning the justifications for them. The collection provides a range of perspectives on the issues and many of the chapters bring interdisciplinary insights to bear.

As such, the collection will be of interest to scholarly, practitioner, and student audiences in law, as well as to readers in international relations, political science, Asian studies, and human rights. It analyses the international and national legal and policy frameworks and the role of governments, international and national non-governmental institutions, and regional processes, in responding to trafficking issues in the GMS. The book considers issues about competing mandates, and gaps in strategies for protection and concludes with a discussion of broader lessons to be learned from the GMS situation and suggestions for future governance strategies in the fight against trafficking.

For more information visit www. Sneider, both at Stanford University, USA Series: Routledge Contemporary Asia Series Over the past fifteen years Northeast Asia has witnessed growing intraregional exchanges and interactions, especially in the realms of culture and economy. Still, the region cannot escape from the burden of history.

This book examines the formation of historical memory in four Northeast Asian societies China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan and the United States focusing on the period from the beginning of the Sino-Japanese war in until the formal conclusion of the Pacific War with the San Francisco Peace Treaty of In doing so, they contend that the greatest obstacle to reconciliation in Northeast Asia lies in the existence of divided, and often conflicting, historical memories.

The book argues that a more fruitful approach lies in understanding how historical memory has evolved in each country and been incorporated into respective master narratives. Through uncovering the existence of different master narratives, it is hoped, citizens will develop a more self-critical, self-reflective approach to their own history and that such an introspective effort has the potential to lay the foundation for greater self- and mutual understanding and eventual historical reconciliation in the region.

This book will be essential reading for students and scholars of Asian history, Asian education and international relations in East Asia. This book is path-breaking in that it analyses Asian historical experiences of polity expansion, examining the motives, mechanisms and justifications for territorial expansion by Asian polities from premodern times. Sexual Diversity in Asia, c. The chapters explore the history of sodomy and other so-called transgressive sexual practices such as anal sex, same-sex erotic encounters, pederasty, bestiality, incest, transgenderism, and oral sex in East, Southeast and South Asia.

Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Asia has undergone immense and far reaching changes: war, revolution, occupation, industrialization. This series includes in-depth research on aspects of economic, political and social history of individual countries as well as more broad-reaching analyses of regional issues.

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Reyes 7. Chin, University of Hong Kong Spanning the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries and examining maritime trading relations, political interactions, overland Chinese expansion and Chinese commerce in Southeast Asia, this book will appeal to historians of China and Southeast Asia.

These are analysed in relation to the East Asian political context, and compared with previous and ongoing endeavours in other parts of the world, particularly Europe, which have been keenly observed by East Asian practitioners. Including contributions from scholars and curriculum developers involved personally in the writing of national and multi-national history textbooks this book will be of interest to students and scholars of Asian education, Asian history and comparative education studies.

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Cecilia Leong-Salobir, University of Western Australia Presenting a social history of colonial food practices in India, Malaysia and Singapore, this book discusses the contribution that Asian domestic servants made towards the development of this cuisine between and What Empire Builders Ate 2. The Colonial Appropriation of Curry 3. Dirt and Disease 6. This book surveys Borneo under Western colonialism, examines pre-war Japanese interests in Borneo, and analyses the Japanese military invasion and occupation.

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Prewar Borneo 3. On the Road to War 4. The Japanese Invasion and Occupation of Borneo 5. The Partition of Borneo 6. Kita Boruneo 7. Minami Boruneo 8. Opposition and Response 9. Between Generals and Admirals End of a Era Concluding Remarks. It covers all aspects of the military art from weapons and battlefield tactics to logistics, campaign organization, military institutions, and the grand strategy of empire.

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  6. Whilst not neglecting the many differences between the Chinese and Byzantines, this book highlights the striking similarities in their organizational structures, tactical deployments and above all their extremely cautious approach to warfare. It argues that these similarities cannot be explained by diffusion or shared cultural influences, which were limited, but instead by the need to deal with common problems and confront common enemies, in particular the nomadic peoples of the Eurasian steppes.

    Introduction Liping Bu and Ka-che Yip 2. Bridie Andrews Series: Routledge Research in Gender and History Military occupations and interventions have a gendered impact on both those engaged in occupying, and those whose lands have been occupied, yet little has been published about this effect either historically or in contemporary times. This collection redresses this neglect by examining and analyzing the impact of occupation on men and women, both occupied and occupier, in a variety of geographical spaces from Japan to the Philippines to Iraq. This book provides broad coverage of the history of Islamic courts from the time of Muhammed and the early Caliphates through to the 19th century.

    In particular it examines issues of politics and patronage from across the Islamic world stretching from Cordoba east to India. It examines their eventual repatriation, alongside issues of war memory and war guilt, and the worldviews of the zanryu-hojin, alongside Japanese society and its anti-war social movements.

    Approaches to the Study of Zanry-hjin Part 1: Structures 2. Historical Origins 3. Personhoods Formed in Rural China 4. Repatriation Since Part 2: Families 5. Three Family Accounts 6.

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    Family in Transition 7. The volume examines heritage as a key component in the unfolding modernities of Asia, moving between analytical scales to address questions of tourism, urban planning, national or ethnic expressions of identity, conflict memorialisation, or biodiversity. Han Out in The Cold? Shinde How does the online activity distort, or shape the offline world? And what are the emerging modes of community, sociality, media literacy, creativity and politics traversing online and offline spaces as Web 2.

    Employing comprehensive, cross-disciplinary frameworks from theoretical approaches such as media sociology, ethnography, cultural studies and media and communication studies, Online AsiaPacific will be of huge interest to students and scholars of Asian culture and society, cybercultures, new media studies, communication studies and internet studies.

    MacPherson, University of Hong Kong Series: Routledge Advances in Asia-Pacific Studies This book analyses the development of a leading global health problem and policy responses to it in the context of a demographically, economically and politically very significant region of the world with a view to a better understanding of the double disease burden and the development of more effective health policy to deal with it. Australia 3.

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    5. China and Hong Kong 4. India 5. Indonesia 6. Malaysia 7. Singapore 8. The Philippines 9.

      The Male Figure in Yōga Painting, 1930–1950

      Thailand Pacific Islands New Guinea Vietnam Japan Korea Taiwan Sri Lanka Beyond the Dichotomy of Communication Studies Whither Eurocentrism? Media, Culture and Nativism in Our Time The Definition and Types of Alternative Discourses South Asian History and Culture offers a forum that will provide an integrated perspective on the field at large. The journal aims to bring together research on South Asia in the humanities and social sciences, and to provide scholars with a platform covering, but not restricted to, their particular fields of interest and specialization. Such an approach is critical to any expanding field of study, for the development of more informed and broader perspectives, and of more overarching theoretical conceptions.

      Over three decades have passed since the first wave of Indochinese refugees left their homelands in search of a better life elsewhere. By investigating the Vietnamese diaspora in Asia, and in particular in Hong Kong, this book sheds new light on refugee settlement and different patterns of host-guest interactions which will have implications for refugee studies elsewhere.

      Georg Wiessala offers a critique of the ways in which intellectual and academic exchanges inform and shape external interactions with countries, institutions and non-state actors across the Asia-Pacific. Wiessala analyses ideologies, mechanisms and policies through which matters of exchange and inter-cultural dialogue have come to bear on the EU-Asia dialogue. Series: Routledge Contemporary Asia Series The purpose of this volume is to highlight the impacts on civic engagement of social capital, and its various component parts trust, norms, networks and associations , in diverse parts of Asia.

      Addressing the pressing need for improved governance within the spatial, political and cultural realities in the rapidly transforming landscapes of Asia the contributors to the book bring together interdisciplinary work that focuses on the ways in which civic engagement can link with social capital building efforts, particularly in terms of enhancing the interaction between state and community efforts, to create vibrant societies.

      It explores the different approaches that have been adopted, assesses the costs and benefits to those affected, including the urban poor, and draws public policy conclusions. In this book Hyunjoon Park puts the critical stereotypical views of education in Japan and Korea under the microscope to decipher whether or not they are true, or unfounded, based on empirical evidence which uses international student achievement data as its core. As such, Park offers a balanced view of the changing and complicated nature of academic achievement among Japanese and Korean students that will appeal to scholars of Asian, international and comparative education.

      Focusing on the public health care systems the contributors discuss the rising need of reforming health care and health insurance administration, delivery systems, financing and overall health care policy strategies, particularly in fast-aging societies in Asia, and highly aged societies in Europe.

      This book will appeal to students and scholars of health care policy, health and social administration, social policy, public policy and social work. It will also provide a reference for professionals who need a view of the trajectory of public health financing in relationship to changed demographics and disease patterns. Introduction: Urban Transformation in East Asia 2.