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No matter the color, be sure that the text on the card is legible. Regular card stock is the most affordable option, but a premium or thicker stock will result in a sturdier card. It will make your cards seem chintzy. Spend a bit extra on thicker paper to make your cards look more professional. Look for business card stock created specifically for two-sided printing. You can choose between a gloss shiny or matte finish for your cards. If you have a lot of images or graphics on your card, a glossy finish will help them pop. If your card is mostly text, a matte finish lends a classic and traditional look to your card.

Another consideration is that a glossy finish is harder to write on than a matte finish. This becomes problematic if you plan to hand out your card at events like trade shows or networking get-togethers. Since you meet a lot of people in a short amount of time, many people take notes on the back of business cards to help them recall the conversation. If you only require a few cards and you desire them right away, it makes sense to print them yourself.

If you own a laser printer, select a black and white template for best results. You will also need proper business card paper, either pre-perforated so you can separate each card with ease or a heavier card stock that you can carefully cut apart yourself with a ruler and a utility knife. While most pre-perforated business card paper holds 10 cards per page, they can be arranged differently. Print a test page on regular paper, and hold it up to the business card paper to ensure that the design and your paper properly align. Next, set your printer to produce the highest quality results.

Finally, manually feed the business card paper into your printer, and print one page of cards.

If you like the results, print more, but only a few pages at a time. Multiple pages might jam your printer, and you may find that printing cards quickly drains your ink and lowers the quality of the card. If you have an inkjet printer, let the ink dry before you pull or cut apart the cards, or they might smudge.

How to Design a Business Card That Gets Noticed

Tear too quickly or disconnect too many cards at once, and you may rip the cards or ruin the edges. As you can see, printing your own cards is a detailed process, with much room for error.

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If you have the time and resources, we recommend that you order cards from a printing service. The complementary design websites mentioned above all provide printing services for an additional fee. Vistaprint , Moo , and Overnight Print are also excellent low-cost design and print websites.

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Most offer expedited delivery, but if you need professional cards in a hurry and cost is not a consideration, consult your nearest FedEx Office, UPS Store, or other local printing shop. There are two ways you might accomplish this goal. First, make your card a valuable resource in and of itself. Add something useful to the back of the card that would make individuals desire to keep it.

A realtor might supply a table that demonstrates cost of housing based on down payment amounts or changes in interest rates. A small store could print a coupon or an incentive for return customers. A life coach can list sources of inspiration. A restaurant might provide a guide to tipping. The possibilities are endless. Second, make yourself a valuable resource, as well. Instead of simply handing someone your card, during your conversation ferret out definitive ways that you might assist the individual.

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  4. Such specificity and sincerity is likely to have a notable impact, and that person is more apt to touch base in the future when they have a need that you might fill. Combine this recollection with a delightful card, and you just might be in business. Give us a call. Type below and hit Enter To search. Want the best small business strategies delivered straight to your inbox? About Latest Posts. Elizabeth Kellogg Contributing Writer at Fundera.

    Elizabeth is a marketing and communications consultant who specializes in expansion, strategy, and branding. With a background in ecommerce, tech, and lifestyle, she's written and managed digital media campaigns for websites and corporations including Glamour and Amazon. You can follow her on LinkedIn. Design Your Business Card The look and feel of your business card tells your contacts a great deal about your company.

    Yes, many companies still prefer to do business via the United States Postal Service. If you meet with clients in person, you might also explore joining a coworking space. Create a personalized email address, such as you yourcompanyname. Many fields still require an actual signature to legitimize their transactions, and some demand a paper trail to comply with local, state, or federal regulations.

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    A fax machine fills these needs, and if connected to a landline, also provides an additional level of security not present with email for industries that handle sensitive information. But if they are relevant to your field, list the usernames for your accounts on your card. Select a Layout for Your Card Technology has made the actual design of your business card quick and painless. Whatever your chosen modality, here are some key factors to consider as you design the layout of your business card: Image Your card should reflect the image you wish to portray.

    Font The most important aspect of your business card is readability, so choose your font s wisely. But we think that physical business cards are not a dying breed just yet. Even with alternatives like exchanging contact details on your phones when you meet someone, handing each other a unique business card can still be a memorable experience. For a business card to be memorable it needs a certain visual or tactful spark. Creating a unique business card for your startup or small business is quite simple. With the amount of high-quality templates available in programs like Visme , much of the guesswork is taken care for you.

    And with printers that offer lots of choices for unique finishings, you can make a business card in no time. A great way to start any design, and something even designers do, is to get visually inspired first. A while ago we published a round up of 60 eye-catching business card examples.

    How to make a business card even if you don’t have design skills

    You could start scrolling through that first. Every single design in that round up is stellar and a wonderful source of inspiration. Look at the business cards below.

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    The ones on the left are definite fails, and the ones on the right are cards from companies in the same niche but with a great result. The card on the right, though, is also black and white with a relatively minimal design. But the front has a lineal illustration of a vintage camera, an image that will grab the receiver's attention. To the point and memorable, all in one design. First off, why a wolf? Nobody knows. Second, does the card even make you think of web development? The card on the right, instead, got things right.

    The logo is interesting and memorable, it looks a little bit like code. Another way of getting your card labeled as a fail is to be completely inappropriate. There is no rule against including a photo of yourself on your card, but better choose the right photo. The realtor on the left chose a photo of himself in a tennis outfit, taken inside a house.

    Would you hire him? And now his card is one of the favorites in business card fail universe. The card on the right looks a lot more professional and it also includes a photo. The design is also much crisper.

    Make Your Own Template From Scratch

    I think I want to buy a house from Maria instead of Frank. What about you?