Beauty for Ashes: Transformed Through Gods Love

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She began to worry.

Then, the call from his aunt came: he had been taken from this world unnecessarily and abruptly. Left behind was Chanel, their two children together, and her teen. Where to turn? What to do? She immediately took time away from work to be with her children. She needed them. Without them, she felt she would have lost it more so than she did. The school counselor was a special angel, organizing and applying on behalf of Chanel, for assistance programs.

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The holidays were closing in. She was wrought with angst at not being able to afford gifts for her children. The children were heartbroken, at six and four, with the loss of their father. Having a normal Christmas was all that Chanel hoped for. The community surrounded Chanel to keep her family uplifted and supported. ToyZone is a store Chase Oaks hosts at Christmastime, where families can shop for their children at an extremely discounted cost.

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Each child received a free coat as well! Gift wrapping was also provided. Chanel arrived at ToyZone beyond grateful. She looked and looked for two hours, thinking what would make her kids happiest. While looking for coats, some women approached her, and she shared bits and pieces of her story and then continued browsing. Once her items were selected, she waited in the hospitality area while her gifts were being wrapped.

It was there she met a woman named Donna. Right off the bat, something was different about Donna. Chanel could feel her genuineness.


After chatting for a few minutes, Donna asked to pray for Chanel. It was at this point Chanel knew God had brought her to this place at this time. Unbeknownst to Chanel, Donna had been praying all morning for God to let her truly impact a life that day. Chanel had been praying for a church home, one that was humble, genuine, and sincere. God was answering prayers. Chanel had previously been part of a small family church in Cleveland.

When she returned home to the DFW area, she tried several churches seeking that same fit. She was like Goldilocks with the three bears: the porridge was too hot and then too cold, the chair too big and then too small. The first church she tried did not feel welcoming to her. Another had great community impact, but she felt the preaching was condescending. She continued with persistence, trying new churches. A third had a beautiful establishment, but she did not feel an overwhelming presence of God.

She was just not finding her fit. Back at ToyZone, after Donna prayed, she hugged Chanel. And it was a real hug. Donna invited Chanel to church the next day. She shared her contact information to make sure Chanel could reach her and to remove any potential barriers to her coming. Donna told fellow church friends to keep an eye out for this new woman attending. Chanel took the leap and showed up.

She was home after the first service. Her children were home as well. The service brought Chanel to tears. The Word was poured into her with sincerity. She felt welcome and was astounded by how humble the pastors were. Similar to the verse above, Chanel has become a new creature, rising from the ashes of her pain. New and better things await her.

Melanie's Story - Beauty from Ashes

Story after story of changed lives. He continues to bring the beauty! Our despair will turn into praise!

From Ashes to Beauty: A Story of Transformation - Chase Oaks Church

We have riches in Christ. Jesus is in the process of renewing each one of us. God renews our life with his goodness. I love that! Just the mention of it does something to my soul. RENEW: it means: To make new again; to restore to freshness, perfection, or vigor; to give new life to; to rejuvenate; to reestablish; to recreate; to rebuild.

Your inner beauty is being restored, rejuvenated, recreated and rebuilt to freshness, perfection and vigor!.

From Ashes to Beauty: A Story of Transformation

Our ashes are being swept away and overtime our inner beauty begins to shine outwardly too. I love how God sees all we can become in him. To see how deep his love is for us. He wants us whole in him. We all have different paths we have walked. My pain began to turn into beauty. My mess was turned into a message of beauty. It was a work overtime and still is but God is redeeming. Will you trust him today to take your pain and turn it into beauty.

From experience he will. Trust the Father today, he is waiting for you! Father, thank you that you are renewing our lives. We are being transformed this very minute.