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And what would a volume of Negima be without some sort of bath scene? Still, I find the characters interesting and the humor works most of the time, even though the series tries to be an softcore ero-manga at times. Translated by Alexander O. When the alien mimics invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor called a Jacket and sent out to kill.

Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to be reborn each morning to fight and die again and again. On his th iteration, he gets a message from a mysterious ally-- the female soldier known as the Full Metal Bitch. Is she the key to Keiji's escape or his final death? In this episode I talk about the news that OneManga is one of the top sites being visited on the internet and what this means to the manga publishing world. Also, comments about manga bloggers that blame scan sites for everything and see them as evil minions of Satan.

Ok, I don't quite go that far. Goodbye CMX. It was nice knowing you. I come here to honor it. Yeah, just when I was getting into their Flex titles which i vastly preferred to their shojo , the company ups and croaks. But we all know that CMX should and would have survived had it not been for the devilish plots of their parent company, DC.

Oh, DC, I spit at thee from the mouth of Hell! So what if the CMX imprint wasn't making any money and losing your company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year.

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It was your god-given duty to crank out volumes of manga, whether they were any good or not! I don't want to hear the lame excuse that nobody was buying them! The fans that wanted them printed that didn't buy them are your customers, and its a well-known and truthful cliche that the customer is NEVER right. In my often ignored except when people bitch at me twitter account I stated that I didn't know if I really felt sorry for the CMX employees that lost or are losing their jobs. I stand by the statement. They just looked for another job.

What I really meant was that anyone working at a manga publisher in this day and age should NEVER feel that their job is safe. They and their employers have been riding on the crest of a fad that has slowly, in some cases, quickly, evolved into a job threatening blood-letting. Who in their right mind would think they could be a manga translator for the rest of their life?

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Or work in the manga business as a career? That's what really ticked and continues to tick me off. Where are these manga bloggers, "critics", "experts" and "fans" living? Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? I just cannot explain why they didn't see this coming.

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I've seen it for some time. Manga space getting smaller in the bookstores like Borders and Barnes and Noble was one sign. The big sign of things to come for me was seeing all the local comicbook stores getting rid of their manga in the past year. Into the garbage most likely They only carry the most popular titles like Shonen Jump titles and some Dark Horse.

Manga in comic stores is relegated to the pariah space of just maybe two shelves with Archie and kid titles now. Was the fading into oblivion of multiple manga publishers in the past 2 years not a sign? Get off your asses please. Reiko, don't go into the light! They have the strongest selling titles of any publisher with their Oprah Book Club-like Shonen Jump imprint stick that label on anything and its gonna do ok for a time. And by the way, where the hell is Kodansha? What the F was with their cheap-ass parlor tricking reprints of Ghost in the Shell and Akira?

Get out of the market. Stay out of the way. You're just making things worse. What is the cause of all this calamity, all these people losing their jobs, of fans bitching, of bloggers running from a falling sky? The true fans buy it and love it. But there's not enough of us. It doesn't make me angry. It's just a fact. Do I wish everybody could get into it like I do?

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Is that going to happen? They seem to think that "This is just the beginning. Manga is popular now. We will take over the world. We're making progress. Next time, we'll make it to for a week! Viva Le Manga Revolucion! We're not making progress. We're in decline. No, we're not gonna die, but we have to live in reality.

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Is the decline due to fans or publishers? Or the booksellers even? On the publishing side, I think all of them are complete failures. The marketing strategies of these companies suck. There is so much potential for manga to become popular, but I think the problem is that publishers are run by nitwits or controlled by the Japanese who don't know how to appeal to American markets. There are manga franchises that could make just as much money in movie form as Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Batman, if handled right. But instead we get 60 year old Keanu Reeves in Cowboy Bebop. DiCaprio, make Akira.

Arisa Vol. 7

Can you imagine the change in the manga market if Battle Angel Alita made as much money and got as much press as Avatar? A sea change. And what is up with the publisher's slow on the take reaction to the potential of online manga? Ok, Viz is in the forefront of it right now, and Tokyopop is doing it in their typically mediocre manner, but where were they when manga was at its highest popularity? They should have struck while the manga was hot.

Netcomics had the right idea but had no hit titles. It took the majors almost a decade before they started getting serious about putting books online. Didn't they see what happened when the record industry failed to capitalize on the download debacle earlier in the decade. It's being repeated all over again. Are the publishers picking the right titles to print?

Or they would be making more money and they wouldn't be in the state they are in. I have to love Viz though. I just do. They are putting out not just popular titles but more mature and experimental ones that don't always fit into what Americans consider "manga". I also love the balls they have to publish Japanese sci-fi. I've bought every Haika Soru title that has come out. I see the way they are handling their brand and titles as the key to the future. I think Tokyopop will be the next to fall if their Priest film is as crappy as I imagine its going to be. Im thinking B-movie all the way.

And just when OEL had finally been flushed down Tokyopop's toilet. Another one of the many causes of the manga decline? Generation Cake.

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A generation that wants its cake, wants to eat it too, and then regurgitate it for their friends to eat for free. Manga companies target most of their titles at kids. And guess what?

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They're not buying. They're spending their money on other things.